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Adelaide Kalamela 2014

Adelaide Kalamela 2014 An Indian Festival of Performing Arts

Adelaide & Metropolitan Malayalee Association (AMMA), a non-profit community and cultural organisation, established by ‘Malayalees’ from the state of Kerala in the Indian sub-continent in 1998. AMMA is one of the leading Indian communities in Adelaide, which currently comprises of about 14% of immigrant population in South Australia having Indian origin. AMMA community has been very active in promoting the art and culture within it’s own community members as well as in collaboration with other Indian and non-Indian community organisations in South Australia. Besides, arts and culture our community is actively engaged in various indoor and outdoor sports and games as well, in order to retain it as a vibrant immigrant community. As a growing immigrant community in Adelaide, AMMA is effectively and progressively contributing to the cultural and economic growth of South Australia.

Her Majesty’s Theatre
Adelaide Kalamela 2014

Adelaide Kalamela, an annual multicultural festival of Indian performing arts promoted by AMMA is it’s cultural bandwagon. In a very short time span of about 7 years, it has become a land mark event in South Australia not only for the Indian community but also for the other ethnic communities. It is the largest indoor event primarily showcasing the Indian performing arts and music, to inspire and entertain Adelaide, the cultural heart of Australia.

Adelaide Kalamela 2014, the 8th annual event proudly presented by AMMA in collaboration with Adelaide Festival Centre (AFC) is scheduled to be held at Her Majesty’s Theatre, 58 Grote Street, Adelaide, on Saturday, 17th May 2014.

Ticket Prices: From $20 to $40 per seat, Concessions for Students and Senior Citizens

Free Child minding services at venue (Booking required)

Book your tickets at or dial 131 246

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Book your tickets through BAAS on website or dial 131 246.